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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  September 26, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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flag of the vatican and the flag of the united states before taking off and after landing at the destination airport. as we have told you, the pope is just a little bit late taking off, so we are waiting for his departure from j.f.k. airport. and when he gets to philadelphia, it will be a joyous welcome for him. we have waited for so long for this day. number one, we waited very long since the announcement of the world meeting of families. and then last november it was pope francis himself who made the announcement that he would be coming to philadelphia. and the city's infrastructure and its political infrastructure burst into action very quickly to prepare for this very moment. some irony perhaps that the plane is a little bit late in taking off after we have waited for these many months for this
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moment, but he'll get here. and when he does, it will shall the beginning of a two-day experience that catholics in the philadelphia archdiocese and the surrounding diocese, and people of all faiths in this region will never forget. it is one of the markers of the francis papacy at this point, that he has reached across religious divides. he has reached out to other religions. number one, the eastern church, of course, but also judaism, islam, he wanted to bring everybody into the same tent and do so with efficiency and effectiveness. in argentina we met two of his close friends, one a rabbi, and the other a leader of the islamic community. they are both in philadelphia with this pope for this journey.
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and they are a symbol of his efforts to reach across to other religions. and you'll see it graphically when he arrivals in philadelphia. philadelphia, a patchwork quilt of catholics and protestants and muslims and jews and he will reach out to all of them when he gets here. he was expected to touch down at philadelphia international airport at 9:30, but as you can see he is late. and again, we think that's the window, the other side of that glass is where the pope is sitting. and as you can see, he is now waving a fond good-bye to new york. you know, this is his first trip to the united states. and thedits and experts before he got here said he was not that fond of the united states.
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and many latin americas feel ambiguous about the united states. they are impressed and awe-struck by its cultural and economic dominance, but on the other hand recent its political dominance. and they had a catastrophe in 2001, an economic collapse, and many of them feel that policies coming out of washington and the world bank and the i.m.f. were in significant part responsible for that. so the pope had very ambiguous feelings about this country to the extent that he has thought about the united states. as archbishop of before becoming pope, but once you are pope the world is on your radar screen. and the united states with one
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of the largest catholic populations in the world becomes a very dominant part of that thought process. shepard one being to roll on the tarmac at j.f.k. on its way to philadelphia. the vatican flag now being tossed and buffetted by the breeze and pulled into the cockpit along with the american flag on the other side. he is late, but he is coming. i wonder if we have audio from this feed. do we? right now we are listening to a silent feed, but it would be fun to hear. there we go. we don't know why shepherd one is late in taking off, but not very consequential in the scheme
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of things. he is still scheduled to land in philadelphia at 9:30. so they anticipate picking up time once the plane is airborne. and we see that happening all the time nowadays when planes are a tad late taking off and somehow they still land on time. and perhaps a dirty little secret of airlines today where they pad in a little time so there aren't late arrivals. there is the archbishop dolan talking to members of his flock
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as members of the crowd are saying good-bye to the pope singing "we are family." and today, members of the catholic community across the united states very much feel like they are family. we will stay here at j.f.k. until shepherd one is airborne to the short flight to philadelphia international airport. and the pilot just ready to gun the engines now and new york will say good-bye to pope francis. i am not sure what kind of reception pope francis expected in new york city, but he has to be impressed that -- he has to be touched by the kind of reception he has received. not only in new york, but in washington. again, i don't know that he really knew what to expect when he came to america for the first time, but it has been a triumphant journey to this
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point. and, of course, there is absolutely no reason to think that this triumphant experience for the pontiff won't continue once he gets to philadelphia. >> i'm sitting here with father willi willi william byron from st. joseph peace university and a member of the society of jesus, and the jesuit in that pope francis is the first jesuit to become the holy father, the bishop of rome. father byron, how do you expect the philadelphia segment of this journey to be different than new york and washington? >> i'm not sure it will be. i think enthusiasm is the word that can best characterize the reception that he has gotten so
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far. he has a knack of relating to the people as he did when he spoke in the congress. he spoke to representatives of the american public. but he spoke to them through americans. you remember, i thought it was very interesting that he chose to speak through abraham lincoln, marlin luther king, day and thomas murton and he didn't come and wave his finger at anybody. here is the best they knew. i am just raising it. j don't you keep that spirit going. that spirit of commitment to social justice that dorothy day had, willingness to dream as martin luther king. and the commitment of abraham lincoln, and the openness that was characterized by the life and work of murton.
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and travis monk, in a monetary but an enormous influence. and he had a genius, i think, for windows on our world, and went right through our windows to our world might be a better metaphor. >> there he goes. new york says good-bye to pope francis. i think it's safe to say that not only the catholic community in new york, which is the largest archdiocese in america. the catholic community had an extraordinary experience with this man, but the entire city of new york. new york prides itself on being perhaps more hospitable than most people would think. and with the crowds no more than five or six feet away from him,
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perhaps a security officer's nightmare. but for the pope who wants to be close to people, who wants to be able to touch people, it was an extraordinary sight to see. and as he came into madison square garden for last night's papal mass, he was so close that the pilgrims that were there could almost reach out and touch him, and some of them did. and i don't think it intimidated him, i think it made him feel good. it's the way he likes it. and he gets frustrated, for instance, on the drive down fifth avenue the other night when there is distance and there are barriers between him and the flock. but in central park last night and in madison square garden last night, he was very much among his flock. you know, he says he wants priests who smell of the sheep. >> if they are going to be shepherds, get out there with the sheep. >> and last night he smelled of the sheep. he was a shepherd that was so
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close to his flock that he smelled of sheep. >> and he moved to the periphery, to the homeless, and here in philadelphia he will be visiting prisoners. >> pope francis and shepherd one now ascending into the clouds for what will be a relatively short flight to philadelphia. his arrival will set in motion just a packed schedule over the next 35 hours. as we look now at philadelphia international airport, it all starts with a mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul at 10:30 this morning and we do believe that is it on schedule. the pope will deliver a speech on immigration and religious freedom at independence mall this afternoon, and then he will participate in a papal parade around the parkway before aending the festival of families tonight. and sunday meeting with seminarians and bishops and
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inmates in prison. and there is a second parade on the parkway before the pope delivers his historic mass on a very grand stage. of course, excitement for this day began 10 months ago. last november the pontiff himself revealed he would make his first trip to the united states for the world meeting of families. [applause] >> pope francis' visit is the first papal visit since john paul ii in 1979. in anticipation of the pope's visit, much has been said about more than a million people will make their way to center city to hear francis' message. the ben franklin bridge, parts of i-76 and 676 are closed and septa and new jersey transit sold special passes and are operating modified routes today.
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and john rawlins is live on septa's regional rail. how was the trip this morning? are you in paoli? >> i am, standing at the staging area where folks are picking up the trains. one of the 18 trains on the rail side that has express service into the city. what you are looking at right now is about 200 to 300 people who are collected in that stage airing right now. and we had so far eight trains -- excuse me, seven trains that departed here this morning. it is very pleasant upbeat folks. very happy pilgrims. from time to time they break into song and dance, particularly the younger ones driving from colleges from somewhere in the midwest. a smaller-than-expected crowd. at this point, seven trains, only boarding 1800 people so far. that is considerably less than
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they thought they would have by this time. they thought they would have about 3,000 people departing from paoli. i am not sure what that means as far as down the road and how bigged crowd is, but from this station it is not a real big crowd so far. maybe later in the day as there are additional trains that will run until noon time, so far it has been light. it certainly haven't taxed the system too greatly. live in paoli, john rawlins for channel 6 "action news." checking in with karen rogers with road closures and impact it is having for people getting into the city. >> looking live very vine street expressway. ra motorcade is setting up in place. a number of emergency workers. it may be hard to see at home but the flashing lights, getting ready on the vine street expressway. we have seen that, more officials getting into place, going through security checkpoi
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checkpoints. and closed to traffic, people are walking around and everybody excited about everything to come. we have been just told that all of our penndot cameras are offline until the pope actually comes into the city. yet another security measure. we can't show you the schuylkill expressway that has been completely shutdown. this shot of the ben franklin bridge it is pedestrian traffic only. and a lane for emergency vehicles if need be. one driving by right on cue as mentioned. and that separated, a barrier right here. and people are walking across the ben franklin bridge coming in. closures, starting 10:00 last night through monday, the schuylkill expressway shutdown. and westbound between i-95 and route 1. and city avenue, shortly southbound shutdown between belmont avenue and route 30, lancaster avenue and northbound, route 30 and the schuylkill expressway.
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and the closures of the ben franklin bridge, in new jersey the roads leading to the bensalem bridge are also shutdown, and shutdown west from the airport circling up and 676 northbound shutdown from exit 3 to the ben franklin bridge. and of course, the vine as mentioned is shutdown in both directions. and of course we have the traffic box as it was called from all of the closures in center city stretching from south street to spring garden, ridge and girard. all the way from the delaware river out to university and 38th street. this is also impacting the buses. obviously they are not traveling through that area. we have 28 different ones that are suspended. city and suburban buses. however, some of the other buses are running on a week day schedule and running more often because they want to get you to the regional rails so you can participate and be part of this. and all regional rails, frequent service, less stops and a more express service. you have to have the papal pass, have your tickets ready. check the schedule for that. john rawlins is out there talking about the fact that the
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crowd haven't been too horrible. i think we had a lot of anticipation of that. some trolleys are running storm but route 15, and 10 is suspended. and norris high speed all operating under a limited service. but everybody seems to know these were the closures coming and seems to be they are dealing with it so far. >> thank you. going to meteorologist david murphy with all of the important accuweather information. david, how is it looking for folks heading out to see the pope today? jim, so much worry and analysis in the weather office for potential for rain, but things appear to be working out pretty well, especially this morning and day one. 65 degrees in philadelphia. if you are still boarding trains in some of the outlining suburbs, low 60s up north, and a bit of a breeze pick up, 13 miles per hour and stronger by the coast in some areas,
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10-20-mile-per-hour breeze. and it is sending dry air down into the face of washington and it is like hitting a wall today and not making an advance north for saturday. for the papal visit today, during the day looking at 71 degrees at noon, 74 by 2:00. a high today of 75 degrees. probably around 3:00 this afternoon. and then 73 by 4:00 when the big event, the speech at independence hall takes the stage. this is going to be a decent afternoon, a little windy. clouds with some sun breaking through. the festival of families, probably want to dress more warmly. and by the time the proceedings are wrapping up 64 degrees under mainly cloudy skies and still have the cool 10-20-mile-per-hour breeze blowing. for tomorrow, futuretracker 6 getting in line with most of our computer models suggesting cloudy skies tomorrow for the most part, maybe a few sunny breaks. only a break-away sprinkle or shower from the system to the
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south. 2:00 a little, by 8:00 it is done. we are hoping it holds and most models say it will the forecast for tomorrow's parade and mass on the parkway, 66 in the morning at 10:00. a light jacket might be a good idea. 72 by 1:00. and by 4:00, 74. mainly cloudy skies and blustery and breezy tomorrow. only a slight chance of passing sprinkle or isolated shower. the way i would suggest to dress for the events, short- or long-sleeve works. and as the sun goes down you may feel cooler, especially with the breeze blowing. for the concert, bring along a jacket you can add on. maybe a couple of layers. treat it the way you do a phillies game. as the sun goes downwind the factor and temperatures drop. and the mass on sunday afternoon, i call it an optional jacket. some may be fine and others bothered by the breeze.
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and maybe a rain poncho in the pocket in case there is a sprinkle or shower. and things looking good compared to where they looked three or four days ago where it looked to be wetter on sunday. jim? >> thank you stretch. going back to philadelphia international airport and "action news" reporter dann cuellar. dann, i can only imagine there is building participation that the pulses are beating more quickly that he is on the way. >> it is building to a crescendo as we count down the moments. behind me, one. special families greeting pope francis is richard bowles and his family. a retired philadelphia police officer who was shot and wounded in the line of duty september 23, 2008 in the north philadelphia shoot-out that killed his partner, 30-year-old patrick mcdonald. and mr. bowles is with his family and young children, and they are going to present the pope with a mountain laurel plant. you see that green should be in
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the pot. it is the commonwealth of pennsylvania official flower. they are presenting that to the pope as he comes down the steps. they are practicing, making sure that everybody gets it right. everybody a little nervous, meeting pope francis, something they have never done in their lives. and you see the shanahan high school band, 100-member band and they have been practicing the songs they will play for the pope. everything is waiting. it is like they are so anxious. it is a lifetime event for many of the people gathered here this morning. >> thank you, dann. he did take off late from j.f.k. in new york. they are telling us that he will arrive on time. that remains to be seen. but i want to tell you, if you want to send a message to pope francis, you can.
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just tweet using #6abcmessages and we will put your comments on the screen to the pope during live coverage of his visit to philadelphia all weekend. and our coverage of the pope's arrival will continue after this.
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we now have late word that the pope's plane will be landing at 9:42. so it will be 12 minutes late. it will now come at 9:42. this is a live picture from philadelphia international airport. the welcoming party, there you see the philadelphia archbishop charles chaput. and also there today is the governor tom wolf, mayor michael nutter of course among those to welcome the holy father. and as dann cuellar just told us the bishop shanahan marching
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band is performing as the pope arrivals. and the bowles family from summerton in philadelphia will greet the pontiff. and matt o'donnell with the story. >> talking about the bowles family, a special and important moment and maybe a healing moment for them. we take you back to the day a couple of weeks ago when the family learned that they would meet pope francis when he arrivals in philadelphia. >> and then the bowles family. >> only one member of the bowles family knew why they were summoned. informed they would join archbishop chaput in greeting pope francis. >> the dad, retired police officer richard bowles was wounded in a shut-out almost seven years ago and his partner
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was killed. and richard recalled how he leaned on the church and his pastor in the recovery. >> father was with us in the hospital even through when i was confined to a hospital bed. and came down with communion, and came to the house and talked to us. took special interests with the kids making sure they were ok in school. >> i can't think of a better family to represent the archdiocese and the people of the area. >> they had no idea they would present him with the mount laurel, the state flower. >> i thought we were coming to pick up the gifts and didn't know what was going on. i am completely overwhelmed right now. >> will definitely be there. >> thank you. >>the official slogan of the papal visit became the official bowles family slogan. it was difficult on the spot as
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theyd eye-to--to-eye with him. >> i don't know, what do you say? i have to think about it i guess. >> and the family carries the memory of sergeant mcdonald. and without question, their faith in god carried them through their darkest moments. matt o'donnell, channel 6 "action news." >> back at the big board, a couple of weeks to think about it. what will they say when we meet pope francis, you will see it live here on 6abc. >> indeed we will. the first thing on the agenda is the mass at the cathedral of saints peter and paul. and alicia vitarelli is there staking out the situation. what is the feeling there in front of the basilica? >> it is a feeling of peace, it's a feeling of family.
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it is such a beautiful morning here. as you can see. members of the philadelphia archdiocese are arriving behind me. believe it or not, everybody has been applauding for them, so you can only imagine what they will do when pope francis arrivals. so much beautiful energy here today, and we just got an advanced copy of the mass program for today. this is a mass in honor of our blessed mother, which is why it says magnificat at the top. it is a beautiful program from the basilica of saints peter and paul. and you see his holiness, pope francis is the celebrant. and delivering the homily in his native language, spanish, this morning. there are 2,000 people who will have a seat inside of the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. and i had a chance to speak with the director here and he told me that he wants this basilica to shine this morning.
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>> we worked hard. >> you can see it. >> and we're ready. ♪ >> ready for the holy father to bless the mother church of the archdiocese of philadelphia. the father is it pastor and rector of the perish more than 150 years old. and he wants to make sure that is shines for this very special celebrant. >> you should see my little checklist. it is about 500 pages. >> reverend gill will play host when pope francis arrivals for the special mass. >> the holy father will pull up in his motorcade. and archbishop chaput and the holy father will get out of the car and i meet them at the top of the steps. and they will sprinkle holy water and i will lead the father up the aisle. >> beautiful.
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a 100-voice choir, roughly 2,000 of faith will fill the pews and everything draped in white. >> we had vestments made. >> the holy father will walk through the gates just before he celebrates mass. >> this is where pope francis will sit as he delivers his homily, usually reserved for are shall bishop chaput. >> sharing his chair with him. >> from there he will head to the main alter. >> i didn't get a chance to stand up here. >> it sits above the kript where former archbishops are buried. >> and this is the host that pope francis will use during communion made especially for the papal mass by nuns in langhorne. >> this will be used by the pope. >> above the alter, a familiar
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nod to st. peter. >> it is the same thing that is written above the back of the wall in the vatican, but it goes around and it says [speaking in foreign language] which means you are peter and upon this rock i will build my church. >> when -- what is incredible to stand here and look out and see this is the view that pope francis will have. and they will leave the pontiff with a special momento of philadelphia. >> a replica of the cathedral to take home with him. >> to remember. >> yes. >> and what a memory for us as pope francis will leave for us. of course here in philadelphia let's take a look again behind us as members of the archdiocese begin to arrive. the mass begins in exactly one hour. the velvet rope has been placed
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out for pope francis awaiting his arrival. crowds are beginning to build, beyond excited. and i am told everything inside everything draped in white in honor of the blessed mother. and the pope wearing vestments that were made right here. we look forward to the building of excitement, and the emotion of standing here being part of this historic day. and we look forward to bringing you more from the basilica of saints peter and paul. back to you, jim. >> thank you. and one thing that will command everybody's attention is it the content of this morning's homily. we want to know what the message is going to be that pope francis brings to philadelphia. we know that when he was in washington and new york he talked a great deal about immigration. he talked a great deal about climate change. he talked a great deal about the morality of money. today will he be talking about the family? this is, indeed, the world meeting of families and that's why he's here in philadelphia.
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and so it wouldn't be surprising, i don't think, that he begins his message-baring process in philadelphia talking about the family. we shall see. let's head down the parkway. "action news" reporter katherine scott is among the people gathering to see the pope. katherine? >> hi, jim. a lot of people along the parkway. and there's still room for a lot more. we know we are seeing more later on. standing here along the parkway with a lot of other people who have been gathering throughout the morning, hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope when he arrivals here at the basilica to celebrate mass later. you look down the parkway and you can see all of these people. people are draping flags over the fences. there are great pope fans a lot of people are waivie inine inii around i need to figure out where to get one. so much excitement awaiting the pope coming to philadelphia.
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the line don't pass too far beyond the basilica, but that is likely to change. it is changing as the minute as more people are arriving this morning. there is a good-sized group outside of the basilica at this point. hearing singing and prayer as the pilgrims wait. and certainly cheering as the clergy are heading inside. and now the buses are coming by. media buses heading over to the oval, a lot of journalists in the city from around the world to mark this event. and back at the basilica you see all the people waiting here. they are looking at the clergy entering the basilica. it is a comfortable spot to wait. a lot of people are grabbing breakfast as there are concessions nearby. and the great few down the parkway that people enjoy waiting for the pope. not coming empty-handed some brought rosaries and cards for the pope to bless. and they are waiting for a quick
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look of him, even if for a few seconds. many people it is worth it, it is a powerful moment and feeling community with people gathering from across the globe. >> just so warm. everyone is so friendly and happy and smiling. they are not really concerned about whether or not they see the pope or hear the pope, it's the idea of being down here. >> and people have come from all over the area. they have come from all over the world. some have been in town for the week at the world meeting of families. others just arrived specifically for the papal visit. and they have walked this morning, some before the sun came up. a group of women that walked over an hour this morning. they are from new mexico and arrived in town earlier this week for world meeting of families. they walks more than an hour this morning and were here at 4:00 a.m. and they are going to be here throughout the day. throughout the festival of families tonight. and they want to make sure to
9:36 am
get a good spot and be here. a lot of people don't care if they have tickets or not, they just want to be part of the community on the parkway this morning. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. let's go back to philadelphia international airport. we are about four minutes away from the first appearance of shepard one. and as you can see, a contingent of philadelphians and pennsylvanians have gathered to greet the pope. we understand that governor tom wolf mass joined the group, and i am assuming that mayor michael nutter is perhaps bob casey. and there is good -- governor wolf and we see him in his wife. and it is shortly when the pope comes to philadelphia. and i introduce you to jack, a former principle deputy assistant secretary of homeland
9:37 am
security. what do you think about all of this security operation here in philadelphia prior to the pope's arrival? >> jim, it has been a massive, massive undertaking. every federal agency, maybe except for the forest service, has been involved preparing for the pope's visit to philadelphia. we have thousands of federal officers. thousands of law enforcement. police mobilized and one of the biggest events we have seen. >> that's 70 law enforcement agencies have been involved in this. and a lot of people think it is too much. that the inconvenience to the city is too much. and other people are saying this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. it is two days, stop complaining, enjoy the moment. which side do you fall? >> certainly it is difficult for residents of philadelphia, of the delaware valley this has been a hardship. but again, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event. and certainly the federal government, the state and local
9:38 am
government wants to ensure that this trip comes off without a hitch. they don't need anything happening and they are just going to go to the mat to make sure the pope is protected. >> what is the biggest challenge? >> the biggest challenge is managing the different threats and they come from different places. they obviously from a lone wolf, from an individual who might want to make a statement for whatever reason. they come from someone that maybe does not want to go after the pope, but maybe once to cause a disturbance in the crowd. so there are a lot of different types of events that could possibly happen and law enforcement has to be ready for those events. >> we want to talk again to father william byron the university professor of business and society at st. joe's university. pope francis is sitting in that street as the plane is making its final approach to philadelphia. what might he be thinking about? >> i think he's thinking about the origins of the faith in the city of philadelphia. we go back a long way.
9:39 am
we have a great tradition here and he might speak to that at some point. but he might be a little tired jim, when you think about what he has been through the last few days. he knows that he will get a warm reception here. he is grateful for all of the security because he is safe, he is secure. and that's been the prayer of all of philadelphians. they certainly don't want anything to happen to him. but they do want to be lifted up. they want to be encouraged in their faith commitment and i am sure he will do that. >> we have an opportunity to talk about this over the course of the next couple of days. but let me ask you, what do you think his relationship is with the archbishop chaput? >> i think it is a positive relationship. he is supportive of archbishop chaput. he may be a notch or two to the right of the pope, but for this pope, he is a listener and he is
9:40 am
coming into unfamiliar terrain. and he will listen to a man that has been here. >> and going to dann cuellar who is on the tarmac waiting for the arrival of the pope. >> jim, we have about 50 people who gathered in front of the mobile stairway that will be right there when pope john francis lands here in a couple of minutes. leading the delegation to greet him is the archbishop chaput, and the primary reason for the visit to the united states, tom wolf and his wife, and mayor tom and lisa nutter. and one family has been chosen to greet the pope, that is the family of richard bowles, a retired philly police officer shot and wounded in the line of duty september 23 back in 2008 in a north philadelphia shoot-out that killed his partner, 30-year-old patrick
9:41 am
mcdonald. upon his arrival to the u.s. i note that pope francis addressed the work of police and firefighters and offered prayers and support for the work they do. and the bowles family presented the pope with a mountain laurel plant that is there next to the red carpet that will be unfolded, unrolled as the pope's plane arrivals much they are presenting them the mount laurel, the official flower of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. and everyone is getting nervous as you expect when people meet the pope for the first time, many of them. and it is an air of excitement. just people standing by and just waiting with baited breath. >> and i think those who are nervous and father byron you can second me on this or maybe disagree, those who are nervous may be put at ease by the open. he wants to look you in the eye, extend his hand and shake your hand. and his humility and his
9:42 am
informality, lack of pretense may very well serve to put some of these people at ease. i remember when john paul ii would come to a new location he would fall to his knees after coming down the stairs and kiss the ground. this pope looks you in the eye, shakes your hand and here is shepard one. yesterday i wrote a letter to pope francis for facebook. as we look at shepherd one as he taxis, we believe that is he. and i got a pretty good reaction to it. and maybe i can read part of it to you right now. this is to pope francis. while you wait to disembark it occurs to us you may not know a great deal about our city. it is not like washington or new york, ours is a city of immense pride. but it gets complicated
9:43 am
sometimes. maybe because the outside world often sees us as less than we are because we are squished into the two cities you already visited. a city with a proud immigrant past, present and future. i know you will be talking to and about immigrants later today. a lot of folks here are looking forward to that. we are a city of great history, vibrant present and very promising future. if we can figure out how to fund our public schools we should be in terrific shape. and then there are the eagles. i know you are a huge soccer fan in buenos aires and you can understand the angst going on with the team's mystifyingly bad start to the season but on to other matters. about 1.4 million catholics in the philadelphia archdiocese. like elsewhere in america, a lot of them question some of the traditional church teaches like things like birth control,
9:44 am
marriage. and the soul of catholicism was formed here. the first catholic schools were built here. as proud as philadelphia is, so is its catholic community. but there be issues. the archdiocese shuttered churches and schools once 266 parishes, now 219. and the church is thriving, other parts of the church are having a tough time. but you see that in so many other places. philadelphia is hardly unique. archbishop chaput had the thankless task of trying to reduce the archdiocese crippling debt and making good progress each as he spends $4 million a year on programs to help the poor. we know how central that is to your vision of what the priesthood should do. of course there is also this perception that archbishop chaput is also seen as your
9:45 am
ideologicaladversary. right now, shepherd one is coming up to the stairs. bishop shanahan and the plane and the group is getting ready to say hello. ♪
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>> let's go back to dann cuellar at philadelphia international airport. this is the site that city fathers, city officials and much of philadelphia have been waiting to see for low these many months. dann, describe what it feels there. not just what it looks there, but what it feels there. >> there is an air, i have felt this growing no a crescendo before sunrise. people were gathering for this
9:47 am
event and you can feel the anticipation, the excitement building. and now we reached the point where the moment we have all been waiting for months and months, and talking about for months and months has finally arrived. and in a couple of minutes we will see that door open. and we will see pope francis emerge from that plane, shepard one and set foot here for the very first time in the city of philadelphia. what a moment that will be. they are now starting to unfurl that red carpet that was build, made in bucks county. it is going to be an amazing moment. so many of us looking forward to it. it is going to be momentum. >> and governor wolf, francis wolf and mayor nutter and his wife. and the president of the world meeting of families all on hand to welcome the pope to philadelphia.
9:48 am
>> and bishop chaput on hand, he will be greeting pope francis when he steps off that plane. >> it could be a few minutes before the pope actually disembarked that plane. and father byron, this is the pope's first visit to philadelphia. i am sure he has been prepped on the city's history. what it means to the history of this country, but also what it means to the catholic church. >> oh, sure. the vitality of the catholic church in philadelphia for centuries. and the origins back at old st. joe's as we call it. if you go down there, it's about four or five feet wide the
9:49 am
alley, where st. joseph's college, now the university hadity or begi -- had it's or begins. and the vibrant catholic life. he will be talking about it. >> there it is. the door is open. >> we have seen the scene in washington, and in new york, but now we see it in philadelphia. 1.4 million catholics in the philadelphia archdiocese and i am sure one way or another are looking at these images this morning. hundreds of thousands of other catholics of surrounding diocese that don't get mentioned. >> there he is. >> there he is. >> welcome pope francis to philadelphia!
9:50 am
and what music would they play other than the theme to "rocky." i wonder if the pope understand how's essentialal that is to the city's culture and the city's psyche. and now saying hello to archbishop charles chaput. organizing not only the pope's visit but the world meeting of families that just concluded in philadelphia yesterday. and that is the monsignor who was the church liaison to the world meeting event. father byron made the point at
9:51 am
78 years old, just an exhausting journey for the pope in washington and new york, but he looks spry enough. and there is that look of i am glad to meet you. and, of course, every time he sees children he is blessed. and he has such a special feeling for children and the elderly. and that is the bowes family, about whom we have learned so much this morning. representing the archdiocese. >> look at the smile on those faces. >> saying hello to governor tom wolf and mrs. wolf. and mayor michael nutter who
9:52 am
worked so hard to make this day a reality. to lisa nutter. >> there is jim and franny mcguire. they have been very, very helpful in archbishop chaput's desire for coming up with some money for all of this. >> they had to raise about $40 million. >> yeah. >> for this event. and they raised almost all of it. but it has been a very, very difficult road financially. and logistically to make this scene, what you're looking at right now, a reality. dann cuellar. >> yes, sir. as you see the pope is making his way to the little fiat brought into here to philadelphia. that's the car he has been riding in and all of his tour here in the united states of america and in washington, new york and now here in philadelphia. the little fiat will whisk him away to the basilica of saints peter and paul where he will celebrate mass this morning at 10:30.
9:53 am
what a wonderful day it is in philadelphia, jim, that's all i have to say. >> the gentlemen, the young man behind the pope is mark miles. he is the pope's translator and become something of a celebrity himself as every image that we have seen of the pope since he landed in washington has included that young priest. who is british. obviously fluent spanish always at the pope's side making sure that the pope understand every word that is being said to him. he is the pope's translator. and archbishop chaput
9:54 am
introducing the pope to the dignitaries including the police commissioner charles ramsey. the pope turning around saying who else can i say hello to? >> now he is waving to the band here, and to just about everyone gathered out here at atlantic aviation. >> in new york and washington he did go over to the crowd. we will see -- it doesn't look like he is doing that here. one might think that he is just a bit tired this morning, and with good reason. that gentlemen you see, the bald gentlemen with glasses whose head is just over the rim of the fiat. we have see him also in most of these images since the paper came to america. he is dominico, the head of
9:55 am
vatican security. and the fiat will head to the basilica of saints peter and paul where the pope will celebrate mass. that mass supposedly beginning at abouti will tell you in just a second. at about 10:30. he is supposed to arrive at the door to the basilica at 10:15 and he may still be on time. he has 20 minutes to get there and i don't doubt that he will be able to get there on time. yeah, there wouldn't be too much traffic obstructing his path. obstructing his journey. but he is coming over to the crowd. he does like to make eye contact with everybody who comes out to see him. extending his hand. and giving that thumbs up sign which we have seen from the
9:56 am
moment he landed in america. >> he is coming right up to the band, jim. and his car, waving at band numbers. they are so excited. >> he is coming out. not to t. >> there is a young man in a wheelchair that the pope is now embracing at this moment. >> as we have seen so many times, tears of joy, tears of awe. tears of thanks.
9:57 am
this pope comes to philadelphia baring an arsenal of word that has very much resonated with american catholics. words like mercy and service and love and forgiveness. and a poor church to the poor, welcoming. >> the joy of the gospel. >> is it fair to say, father, that this trip is cementing this po pope's stature's as the world-most authority. >> and across them he
9:58 am
has the respect. >> and hearing pharrell's "happy" as he is leaving the airport. and the pope heard a lot of contemporary music as he has been in this country. i don't know that he has been acquainted with this particular song, but he is now. >> yeah. >> so many believers are saying, father, that it isn't so much what the pope is saying, but the way he is saying it that creates this -- forgive the expression, but everybody is using it, the strength of media and saying a lot of things that are controversial at least to the establishment of the church, the conservative wing of the church. and even when he talks about climate change and unbridaled capitalism. a lot of conservatives in this country, a lot of conservative
9:59 am
politicians have issues with those kinds of statements and positions that the pope takes. even the non-catholic audience seems to have turned on to this man. and i would have to think it has more to do with his modesty. more with humility and devotion to poor. and more to do with his smile than with the intricacies of his policy and ideology. >> and it is his style of delivery. tom, a consultant, business consultant wrote a letter for the chief executive magazine and he quote the denise morrison the c.e.o. of campbell soup saying that pope francis demonstrates that strength and humility can live in the same neighborhood. can be embodied in the same
10:00 am
person. strength and humility. it is his style. >> and he says that he is a son of the church. i think americans who think that he's going to tear the church apart or the catechism apart or canon law apart are mistaken. he made the point he doesn't plan to change the basics of church teaching, but does want to change how some of it is applied. and one might think that he wants to create a kinder, gentler church. and this is how many catholics are responding to that. >> you are seeing that happen. look at the annulment issue that he brought up a week or two ago. and, you know, an annulment is not a divorce. an annulment is it a declaration that there was no marriage because some of the essential yessentials weren't


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